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Delivering Life
Changing Experiences
  • 6-Year-Old Boy Sees ‘New World’ in Handicap-Adapted Minivan

    Feldman Shepherd recently donated a handicap-adapted Minivan to Xavier and his family. Now Xavier can travel without leaving his wheelchair.

  • A Baby Sling Leads to An Infant’s Death

    On February 20, 2010, plaintiff Christina B. and other family members visited a children’s entertainment center in New York.  Christina transported her one-month old son in a SlingRider, a fabric, …

  • A Broken Healthcare System Devastates a Family

    Feldman Shepherd obtains an $8 million jury verdict after a mother died after her complaints were neglected by her doctors for more than a year.

  • A Tragedy Without Explanation

    Feldman Shepherd settles trial for the mother of a man who went into a coma after healthcare personnel failed to respond to his medical alarm system.

  • Catastrophic Food Truck Explosion - A Preventable Tragedy

    This hotly contested litigation included the filing of more than 100 motions and taking more than 50 depositions, in the end, Feldman Shepherd attorneys secured a record-setting settlement for the family of the mother and daughter affected by this tragedy.

  • Creative Deposition Strategy

    Feldman Shepherd settles case for the widow and children of a man whose psychiatrist had failed to prevent him from committing suicide, despite knowing the man was suicidal.

  • Dangerous Vehicle Destroys a Family

    Feldman Shepherd secures confidential settlement with vehicle manufacturer for airbag non-deployment in rollover.

  • Getting Back His Life

    Feldman Shepherd negotiates a seven-figure settlement for a man whose orthopedic surgeon negligently performed his carpal tunnel surgery, causing injury to the median nerve.

  • Justice for the Underserved

    Feldman Shepherd obtains substantial settlement and sets up trust for the daughter of a woman who may not have received adequate healthcare.

  • Persistence Wins Out

    Feldman Shepher negotiates settlement on behalf of a woman whose arm was amputated as a result of being given too much of a dye used in an MRA test.

  • The Huffman Fund

    A young, injured girl named Alisha makes her way to Disney with her family thanks to The Huffman Fund. To us, this is what we mean by making a lasting, life-changing difference.

  • The Missing Piece

    After several law firms turned down his case, a father of a young woman who was ejected from her vehicle obtained an $8.5 million settlement with the help of Feldman Shepherd.

  • The Voice of the Neglected

    Feldman Shepherd helps the family of an abused personal care home resident.

  • Uncovering a Cover-Up

    Feldman Shepherd secures a substantial settlement for a young girl whose healthcare providers failed to take the proper steps to ensure she had enough oxygen after birth.

  • Waking Up to Tragedy

    A young man is awarded $31 million in a jury verdict after his vehicle struck a dangerous and defective guardrail that tragically severed his left leg.

  • When a Tree Falls in the Forest…

    Feldman Shepherd attorneys successfully negotiated a multimillion dollar settlement to compensate a family for the tragic effects of a compromised tree that fell at their campsite.

  • When Celebration Turns to Catastrophe

    MC dropped off his wife at the hotel entrance of the Trump Taj Mahal Casino Hotel, intending to stay overnight with other family members to celebrate his daughter’s birthday. He …