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2 Killed in Second Floatplane Crash in Alaska in One Week

May 22, 2019

For the second time in one week, a floatplane operated by Taquan Air in Alaska has been involved in a deadly crash, which again calls into question the safety of sightseeing floatplane tours in Alaska.

According to news reports, a pilot and one passenger aboard a commuter flight died on May 20 when their plane crashed into Metlakatla Harbor, just eight nautical miles away from the horrific mid-air crash of two sightseeing floatplanes (one operated by Taquan) that left six people dead and others seriously injured on May 13.

The two crashes raise concerns about the safety of air tourism — and Alaska floatplane travel in general — in a locale known for its mountainous terrain, along with thick fog, snow, rain, and clouds, all of which can impede visibility.

At this time, the Ketchikan Gateway Borough has not released the circumstances of this new crash. The Coast Guard said that good Samaritans and local emergency responders were the first to assist at the scene.


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