"It's an honor to represent people whose lives have been thrown into turmoil and become their advocates for justice."

— Alan M. Feldman
Alan M. FeldmanAlan M. FeldmanAlan M. Feldman

"The strength, grace, and character exhibited by our clients, despite their enormous loss and adversity, motivates us every day to fight for their rights."

— Carol Nelson Shepherd
Carol Nelson ShepherdCarol Nelson ShepherdCarol Nelson Shepherd

"Our mission is to give our clients a voice, to stand up for what is right, and to fight for those who are suffering."

— Ezra Wohlgelernter
Ezra WohlgelernterEzra WohlgelernterEzra Wohlgelernter

"No one is above the law, and when our clients' rights to justice are violated, we take that personally."

— Mark W. Tanner
Mark W. TannerMark W. TannerMark W. Tanner

It is our job to restore strength to the victims who have been rendered powerless and obtain justice for them and their families.

— Daniel S. Weinstock
Daniel S. WeinstockDaniel S. WeinstockDaniel S. Weinstock

"We have an incredible responsibility to give our clients hope for the future. They depend on us, and that's something we never forget."

— John M. Dodig
John M. DodigJohn M. DodigJohn M. Dodig
Life Changing Approach


Life Changing Approach

Since its inception in 1987, Feldman Shepherd has recognized a special commitment to each and every one of our clients. Each case we accept is carefully investigated and, with rare exceptions, promptly placed in litigation. This approach is based upon our experience that excellent results are the product of early and extensive trial preparation. Our practice centers upon the conviction that no client should have to wait longer than necessary to achieve a result. In our experience, hard work, attention to detail and a creative approach uniquely tailored to each individual case form the bedrock of every successful settlement or verdict.

At Feldman Shepherd, your case will be assigned to a team of lawyers and support staff, with each team member having a detailed and intimate understanding of the issues in your case. Weekly meetings of all Feldman Shepherd attorneys are also utilized to discuss case-specific issues and to identify strategies which will allow us to obtain the best possible result for each client. We perform all necessary legal and medical research, and often consult with highly regarded and nationally prominent experts in a variety of specialties, with all litigation costs advanced by the firm. Similarly, in the rare circumstance in which there is no recovery, there is no fee charged to the client. Because most of our cases are referred by other attorneys, the firm’s tradition of providing personal service and accommodating special needs extends not only to our clients, but to our referring counsel as well.

While our approach to reaching the desired objective will vary according to the unique facts and circumstances of each case, our mission remains the same: to obtain the best possible recovery, as expeditiously as possible.