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  • Personal Injury — The Myth of the Frivolous Lawsuit — Hot Coffee Part INovember 16th, 2011

    After premiering at the 2011 Sundance Film Festival, the documentary Hot Coffee made its television debut on HBO. The first movie directed by former attorney Susan Saladoff addresses complex problems in the country’s civil justice system including mandatory arbitration, corporate financing of judicial campaigns, caps on …

  • Yaz Birth Control: Federal Oversight, Conflicts of Interest, and a Billion-Dollar SettlementSeptember 3rd, 0214

    On the topic of birth control, this blog has focused much of its attention on the NuvaRing, whose links to deep vein thrombosis, pulmonary embolism, and death (among other side effects) resulted in a $100 million settlement spread over 700 plaintiffs. Were every patient to …

  • $23 Billion Verdict Hits Big TobaccoJuly 30th, 0214

    In 2006, a Florida Court of Appeal established that individuals could not band together into a class to file a class action lawsuit against tobacco companies for misleading consumers and misrepresenting the dangers their products pose. So, instead of a few cases, courts across the …

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