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$1.025M Settlement for Fireworks Injury

Attorneys John M. Dodig and Jason A. Daria achieved a $1.025 million settlement for a 16-year-old boy who was left with no useful vision in his left eye after his eye was struck by one of the fireworks that came from a Roman candle firework that was lit by another minor. The Roman candle had been purchased illegally by another child’s parent and left in an unsecured location in a garage where a group of children was able to access it.

As a result of his injuries, the boy, now an adult, wears a left-eye prosthetic and nonprescription glasses for eye protection. While wearing the prosthetic, he has no vision in the left eye. Without the prosthetic, his left eye is disfigured and his “sight” is limited to light in the form of red dots, and some motion.

In achieving the settlement, Dodig and Daria had to overcome significant comparative negligence defenses that the boy was partially at fault for his injuries. They recovered the defendants’ maximum available liability insurance.