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$1.38M Settlement for Deadly Tow Truck Workplace Accident

Attorneys John M. Dodig and Jason A. Daria secured a $1.38 million settlement in August 2018 for the wife of a Philadelphia Parking Authority (PPA) employee who died from injuries he sustained when a tow truck driven by a co-worker backed up into him. The tow truck did not have a back-up camera, back-up sensor or any other safety device to warn the driver of objects or individuals behind it when the driver’s view was obstructed by the truck’s equipment, including its boom. Additionally, the truck’s back-up alarm was defectively installed in direct violation of the manufacturer’s instructions and industry standards. As a result, the employee did not hear the alarm and did not move out of harm’s way. Settlement was reached collectively with multiple defendants responsible for fabricating the tow truck, supplying necessary parts, inspecting the truck and selling it to PPA.