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$1.675 Million Settlement in Premises Liability Electrocution Death Case

In December 2014, attorneys John M. Dodig and Jason A. Daria reached a settlement of $1,675 million on behalf of the Estate of Christopher Johnson. On December 4, 2010, Christopher Johnson was electrocuted and died when he came in contact with energized high-voltage electrical equipment that Dodig and Daria contended was not properly inspected, maintained, and secured by the owner and manager of the commercial property where it was located.

Dodig and Daria learned through discovery that the defendants knew the gate on the fence around the equipment was not locked and the gate did not have warning signs. In addition, they knew the door to the transformers was broken, hanging off, unlocked, and also missing warning signs.  The defendants claimed they were not negligent and blamed Mr. Johnson for his contributory/comparative negligence.  Mr. Johnson’s Estate claimed that he endured pain and suffering prior to his death and that his daughter suffered a loss of his guidance and tutelage.