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$4 Million Settlement in Toledo, Ohio Birth Injury Case

In April 2012, attorneys Daniel S. Weinstock and G. Scott Vezina obtained a $4 million settlement* in a Toledo, Ohio birth injury case for a child who is now 15-years-old.

This case involved a woman who came into the hospital for induction post-term of labor. During the course of the labor, the defendant physician improperly performed a dangerous “mid-forceps” delivery of the child. Unfortunately, when the first forceps blade was placed and rotated, the fetal tones as displayed on the fetal heart monitor went from perfect to catastrophic. A STAT c-section was performed, but this baby suffered a profound brain injury rendering him, even today, totally dependent on others for his daily care.

The defendant physicians and nurses contested liability vigorously.

This confidential settlement are projected to provide for this plaintiff’s needs for the remainder of his life.

*Attorneys Weinstock and Vezina handled this case on a pro hac vice basis, which is when lawyers not licensed in a particular state associate with a lawyer who is licensed in that state and obtain the court’s permission to jointly represent a client in a specific matter.