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$5.6 Million Settlement for Injured New Jersey Construction Worker

In October, 2016, attorneys, John M. Dodig and Jason A. Daria, finalized a total $5,600,000.00 settlement for Ronilson Carlos Inacio, a forty-one (41) year old carpenter who was injured on a construction site in Glassboro, New Jersey, on May 10, 2011.

Mr. Inacio was injured when plywood and wood scraps fell off of a roof striking him as he was working on the ground. As a result, Mr. Inacio suffered a neck injury which has permanently disabled him. A lawsuit was filed against the developer, Beazer Homes Corporation; the general contractor, ProBuild Company, LLC; and a sub-contractor, Excel Contractors, LLC, who was responsible for the carpentry work being performed on the roof. Defendants, Beazer Homes Corporation and ProBuild Company, LLC, filed Motions for Summary Judgment which the trial court granted on December 1, 2014 and February 13, 2015. Prior to these decisions, Plaintiff settled with the sub-contractor, Excel Contractors, LLC, for $3,700,000.00. A timely Appeal with the New Jersey Appellate Division was filed appealing the trial court’s decision granting Summary Judgment to the owner, Beazer Homes Corporation, and the general contractor, ProBuild Company, LLC. In October of 2016, after appellate briefing was completed, a Mediation was held prior to Oral Argument before the New Jersey Appellate Division. During the Mediation, the parties settled with the remaining Defendants for an additional $1,900,000.00 bringing the total settlement to $5,600,000.00.
With the compromise of the worker’s compensation lien, the total recovery to Mr. Inacio will exceed $7,000,000.00. The settlement monies will be used to provide care to Mr. Inacio for the remainder of his life.