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Beech C-90 Crashes in Somerset, Kentucky

On J­­anuary 18, 2000 a Beech C-90 struck the guy wire from a radio communications tower and crashed three miles from the runway at Somerset airport in Kentucky. The aircraft, which was based in Philadelphia, PA, was arriving from Ohio State University Airport in Columbus. Prior to the fatal flight, the pilot received a weather briefing indicating that the weather conditions in Somerset were severe enough to require an instrument flight rules (IFR) landing. Despite the requirements, the federal air traffic controllers cleared the flight for a Simplified Directional Facility (SDF) approach, which when combined with an altimeter allows a plane to land “blind.” Unfortunately, the pilot was unaware that the SDF approach had been out of service since 1995 and inoperable. As such, when the plane attempted to land, it drifted off course, striking the guy wire and killing the three passengers and pilot.

Attorney Daniel S. Weinstock was co-counsel on behalf of the family of two passengers who lost their lives in the crash. The case was settled for a confidential amount prior to trial.