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MC dropped off his wife at the hotel entrance of the Trump Taj Mahal Casino Hotel, intending to stay overnight with other family members to celebrate his daughter’s birthday. He then drove his car into the adjacent self-park garage.  After pulling into a parking space, he was assaulted and forcibly removed from the premises by two assailants, who brutally murdered MC.  The assailants were criminally prosecuted and remain in jail for their role in the carjacking and murder of MC.

 The decedent’s family brought a lawsuit against the Trump Taj Mahal, alleging that security was grossly inadequate to protect patrons in the garage.  Feldman Shepherd attorneys Alan M. Feldman, Daniel J. Mann and Edward S. Goldis obtained records showing a large number of violent crimes occurring on the Taj Mahal premises over many years.  Despite the significant level of criminal activity, however, deposition testimony of Taj Mahal executives and staff confirmed that only a single security guard was assigned that evening to patrol the ten-level self-park garage, which accommodated more than 5,000 cars.  Other evidence demonstrated that because of his other responsibilities, the single security guard had actually left the garage completely unprotected for most of his shift.

 Defendant Trump Taj Mahal argued that the assailants were only in the self-park garage for a very brief time and that even the presence of additional security would not have changed the outcome, particularly in light of the vicious character of the offenders, who would not have been deterred by a stronger security presence.

The case was settled for a confidential amount at the time of trial.