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Westwind 2 Crashes in Panama City, Panama

On July 2, 2004, a Westwind 1124 air ambulance departing from Tocumen International Airport in Panama City, Panama, impacted terrain and crashed into a hanger wall shortly after takeoff. The impact forces and post-crash fire killed the four flight crew and two passengers onboard and fatally injured an airport worker on the ground. The aircraft, which had stopped in Tocumen for fuel but was destined for Milan, Italy, crashed after the electronic trim and vertical stabilizer failed to lock, causing the plane to become uncontrollable and lose altitude after rotation.

Attorney G. Scott Vezina arrived at the Tocumen International Airport and conducted a site inspection while supervising the field elevation and field measurements of the crash site. Once in suit, attorney Vezina spearheaded the retention and deposition production of all the expert witnesses, pilots, and safety engineers, including the deposition of corporate operator Air Trek, Inc. The case was ultimately resolved for a significant confidential amount.