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March 2015 News from Feldman Shepherd

March 1, 2015

$20 Million Settlement Of Central Pennsylvania Cerebral Palsy Case

Feldman Shepherd attorneys Daniel S. Weinstock and G. Scott Vezina obtained a record-setting $20 million pre-trial settlement on behalf of a family whose child suffered severe brain damage due to Kernicterus, caused by the defendants’ alleged failure to timely diagnose and treat hyperbilirubinemia. Attorneys Daniel S. Weinstock and G. Scott Vezina argued the child’s brain injury, which manifests as Cerebral Palsy, was caused by a nearly 40 hour delay in an immediately necessary post- delivery blood transfusion.

$10.24 Million Settlement for New York Obstetrics Case

Attorneys Carol Nelson Shepherd and Patricia M. Giordanoreached a $10.24 million dollar settlement for the family of a child who was severely disabled as a result of a negligently managed hospital delivery. The case resulted in a unique two-part settlement.

$4.25 Million Settlement for Injuries and Death in Premises Liability Case

Attorneys John M. Dodig and Jason A. Daria negotiated a $4.25 million settlement on behalf of a 69-year-old man who developed complications from a laceration sustained from a wheelchair at a hospital. The man later succumbed to his injury.

$3.15 Million Settlement for Injured Construction Worker

Attorneys John M. Dodig and Jason A. Daria secured a $3.7 million settlement on behalf of a construction worker who suffered multiple orthopedic injuries after falling from an elevated plank on a job site. It was later discovered that the general contractor was in violation of several OSHA regulations and requirements.

$2.4 Million Awarded in New Jersey Camping Death

Attorneys John M. Dodig and Jason A. Daria obtained $2.4 million on behalf of William Arias (deceased) and his wife, Elvetia Urena, after a large sycamore tree fell on their tent during a camping trip, killing Mr. Arias and seriously injuring Ms. Urena.

$1.675 Million Settlement in Premises Liability Electrocution Death

Attorneys John M. Dodig and Jason A. Daria reached a $1.675 million settlement on behalf of the Estate of Christopher Johnson, a construction worker. Mr. Johnson was electrocuted and died when he came in contact with unsecured and unmaintained energized high-voltage electrical equipment while on a job site.

Confidential Seven-Figure Settlement for Complex Regional Pain Syndrome

Attorney Peter M. Newman negotiated a confidential seven-figure settlement from a medical negligence claim on behalf of a client employed as a chef. He now suffers from Complex Regional Pain Syndrome (CRPS) as a result of a carpal tunnel-release surgery, in which a surgeon negligently injured the median nerve in his hand.

$1.4 Million Jury Verdict for Family of Germantown Drowning Victim

Attorneys John M. Dodig and Jason A. Daria obtained a $1.4 million verdict on behalf of the Estate of Deanna Compton, who drowned when her car became submerged during a torrential rainstorm at a flooded Germantown intersection.

$1.35 Million Recovery for Estate of Motorcyclist Killed in a Bucks County Accident

Attorney Mark W. Tanner settled a case for the family of a motorcyclist who was killed in a Bucks County motor vehicle accident. Mr. Tanner argued that a witness’s estimation of speed was unreliable, and that the other vehicle involved in the collision should and could have seen the motorcyclist well in advance of the collision and taken appropriate action to avoid the accident.

Confidential Seven-Figure Settlement in Medical Malpractice Death

Attorney Mark W. Tanner negotiated a confidential seven-figure settlement in a Delaware County medical malpractice case. The claim arose from a doctors’ failure to properly screen for colon cancer, resulting in a fatal delay of diagnosis in a 63-year-old woman.

Tractor-Trailer Fatality in Northampton County

John M. Dodig and Jason A. Daria have been retained by the family of an individual who was killed when a tractor-trailer made an improper left turn in front of his motorcycle in Northampton County, Pennsylvania. Mr. Dodig and Mr. Daria expect to prove that the driver of the tractor-trailer was in violation of state statutes and federal regulations at the time of the accident.

News and Events

  • Founding partner Carol Nelson Shepherd has been elected President of the Homeless Advocacy Project (HAP); her tenure began Jan. 1, 2015. HAP – currently celebrating its 25th anniversary – was established by a group of concerned citizens and activists to address the unmet legal needs of Philadelphia’s homeless and shelter populations. HAP’s 350 volunteers have helped more than 35,300 homeless people and have provided more than $50 million worth of free legal services to their clients.
  • In November, attorney Peter M. Newman finalized pro-bono negotiations on a loan modification agreement for a family facing more than $50,000 in mortgage payment arrears, which were due while the husband was temporarily out of work. By leveraging new HUD guidelines, Mr. Newman was able to compel the bank to accept his modification proposal. Now fully employed and making payments on their new loan, the clients are thrilled to be raising their family in their home.Feldman Shepherd is proud to announce that Edward Goldis has been named a partner of the firm. Goldis joined Feldman Shepherd in 2005 and has helped obtain multi-million dollar recoveries in cases throughout the country, including a $26.1 million settlement (one of the largest personal injury settlements ever reported in Pennsylvania) for a family tragically injured by a reckless driver. He was also instrumental in trying a case that ended with a $16 million verdict on behalf of a brain-injured child.
  • In January, Feldman Shepherd produced a sold-out products liability CLE entitled “A Whole New World? Product Liability Law in Pennsylvania After Tincher.” Copies of the materials can be found here.
  • In February, the partners of Feldman Shepherd also held a “Maximizing Your Client’s Recovery in Personal Injury Cases from Investigation Through Trial” CLE in New Jersey. Copies of the materials and presentations can be found here.
  • Founding partner Alan Feldman and his wife Maureen Pelta, Ph.D., were the recipients of the tenth annual Social Justice Award from the Jewish Social Policy Action Network (JSPAN). The two were recognized for their continued efforts to promote social justice through the Jewish Community Relations Council’s Mordechai Anielewicz Creative Arts Competition and the Philadelphia Bar Association’s “Raising the Bar” campaign.
  • Attorney Roberta “Bobbie” Pichini was a recipient of The Legal Intelligencer’s 2014 Women of Distinction Award, which recognizes thirty-one of the area’s most dynamic women. The Women of Distinction Awards are given each year to those who inspire growth and development through professional accomplishments and community involvement.
  • Founding partner Carol Nelson Shepherd participated in two seminars in November. She delivered lectures entitled “Social Media: Its New Role in Discovery and Litigation,” and “Proving Medical Negligence Cases Through the Defendant Doctor’s Deposition” at the Pennsylvania Bar Institute’s Medical Malpractice Update and the Pennsylvania Association for Justice’s 9th Annual Medical Malpractice Seminar, respectively. In March, Ms. Nelson Shepherd was also the keynote presenter at the Philadelphia Trial Lawyers Association Luncheon Lecture entitled “How to Effectively Conduct Expert and Factual Depositions.”
  • On November 11, attorney Patricia M. Giordano presented a lecture at the Pennsylvania Association for Justice 9th Annual Medical Malpractice Seminar. She spoke about “Overcoming Defendant’s Objections to Medical Opinion Questions & Questions about Electronic Fetal Monitoring.” Ms. Giordano also spoke at the four concurrent NJAJ seminars on “Building a Damage Case in Pediatric Traumatic Brain Injury.”
  • Feldman Shepherd Wohlgelernter Tanner Weinstock Dodig LLP attorneys are licensed in Pennsylvania, New Jersey, New York, Illinois, North Carolina, Texas, and Wisconsin. In addition, our attorneys practice in other states on a pro hac vice basis. Pro hac vice admission is when a lawyer not licensed in a particular state associates with a lawyer who is licensed in that state and obtains the court’s permission to jointly represent a client in a specific matter.