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$12M Settlement During Jury Deliberations of Central PA Cerebral Palsy Case

Attorneys Daniel S. Weinstock and G. Scott Vezina secured a $12 million settlement in favor of a mom-to-be whose obstetric providers failed to timely recognize her child’s fetal distress. The settlement came after two weeks of trial and while the jury was deliberating. Because of the healthcare provider’s mistake in failing to distinguish the maternal pulse from the fetal pulse, the child was born with a catastrophic brain injury.

Weinstock, who served as lead counsel, stated: “This catastrophic outcome could have been prevented with good quality medical care. Unfortunately, the healthcare providers, in this case, failed to use all the equipment and skill available to them in distinguishing the maternal pulse from the fetal pulse. We are very proud to successfully represent this very worthy family and to secure funds necessary to take care of this child for the remainder of her life.”