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$2.5 Million Settlement for Man Shot by Police

Attorney Robert Levant secured a $2.5 million settlement from the City of Philadelphia on behalf of Stephen Moore, who was shot by Philadelphia Police Officer Larry Shields.

Mr. Moore was an innocent home owner who did nothing to warrant police presence at his home. Officer Larry Shields arrived at the home that Mr. Moore had shared with his late wife who had recently died from cancer. Mr. Moore’s in-laws called 911 and complained about Mr. Moore’s lawful presence at the home. Levant was able to establish that the 911 operator mishandled the call and dispatched police to a burglary in progress. Officer Shields failed to follow department directives and entered Mr. Moore’s home without waiting for back-up and without notifying police radio that he arrived on scene. As Mr. Moore walked down his stairs, he was shot without warning.

Levant used the fact that Officer Shields was involved in a previous questionable shooting to his client’s advantage. The Police Department failed to complete the administrative review into the prior shooting and returned Officer Shields to the street allowing him to critically wound Mr. Moore. This evidence was used to secure the $2.5 million settlement.