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$4 Million Award for Anesthesia Mishap

In a tragedy brought about by the medical malpractice of an anesthesiologist at a local hospital, a young woman undergoing a minor surgical procedure for the removal of a benign lipoma sustained catastrophic brain damage, eventually bringing about her death several months later. Attorneys Alan M. Feldman and Ezra Wohlgelernter met with the family of the victim immediately after the occurrence, and doggedly pursued the case until the true facts were finally determined. Through deposition testimony obtained from a dozen reluctant witnesses, Feldman and Wohlgelernter established that this medical catastrophe was caused by the administration of excessive intravenous sedation drugs, together with the failure to constantly monitor the patient’s respiratory status. Faulty hospital equipment and inadequate supervision of the newly hired anesthesiologist also contributed to the disastrous outcome.

Throughout the course of the litigation, Feldman, Wohlgelernter, and staff maintained a close and supportive relationship with the surviving spouse. A $4 million settlement was ultimately approved by a Philadelphia court.