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Six-Figure Jury Verdict for Man Tasered by Police

Attorney Robert Levant obtained a $202,500 jury award on behalf of David Ashby, who was tasered three times and beaten by Philadelphia Police after they claimed that he was attempting to steal a car. Levant was able to prove that the car belonged to Mr. Ashby, who was merely cleaning out the car to make room for passengers. Mr. Ashby provided his driver’s license and told officers that the registration and insurance were in the glove compartment. Sgt. Derrick Wood and Officer Edgar Melendez grabbed Mr. Ashby and physically assaulted him, ultimately discharging three taser strikes to Mr. Ashby’s back.

Mr. Ashby was falsely charged with assault upon the officers. After Mr. Ashby was found not guilty of the criminal charges, Levant brought the civil suit on his behalf. Mr. Ashby testified at the civil trial describing the terrifying circumstances of his encounter. The jury awarded him $202,500, including punitive damages against Sgt. Wood and Officer Melendez. The highest offer by the City before trial was $50,000.