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Newsletter Fall 2021

November 1, 2021
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Feldman Shepherd Newsletter
Fall 2021




$25.1M for 3 Victims of Fatal Tractor-Trailer Crash


Attorneys John M. Dodig and Jason A. Daria forged the path to recovering $25.1 million — including a $19.1 million jury verdict — on behalf of three victims of a tractor-trailer accident involving multiple vehicles in a dangerous construction zone. 

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$12.5M Settlement for Failure to Treat Brain Aneurysm


Attorneys Mark W. Tanner and Peter M. Newman recovered $12.5 million for a 44-year-old woman who suffered an intracranial hemorrhage when an aneurysm ruptured in her brain a year after she was seen by the defendant doctors with symptoms of an aneurysm.

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$12M for Fatal Tractor-Trailer Accident


Attorneys Alan M. Feldman, Roberta D. Pichini, Daniel J. Mann and Edward S. Goldis secured a $12 million settlement for the family of a 48-year-old woman who was killed on I-78 by an inexperienced tractor-trailer driver who crossed over a grassy median into her lane of travel.

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$5M Settlement for Arm Amputation Injury


Attorneys Alan M. Feldman, Daniel J. Mann and Edward S. Goldis obtained a $5 million product liability settlement for a worker at a Pennsylvania metal fabrication plant whose dominant arm was partially amputated in an accident involving heavy machinery that lacked guarding to protect workers from this exact mechanism of injury.

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$2.2M Settlement for Victim of a Stroke


Attorneys Mark W. Tanner and Peter M. Newman secured a $2.2 million settlement for the victim of a stroke who had been taking a blood thinner and relied upon a defective home test kit to measure and monitor his anticoagulation status.

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$1.5M Settlement for Delay in Treatment of Internal Bleeding


Attorneys Mark W. Tanner and Peter M. Newman secured a $1.5 million settlement for the surviving child of a 45-year-old man who died from delayed medical treatment in a hospital setting after he fell two stories from the exterior staircase of a building and sustained multiple internal injuries to organs and bones.

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$1.5M Settlement for Nurse’s Failure to Properly Respond to Cardiac Emergency


John M. Dodig and Jason A. Daria secured a $1.5 million settlement for the family of a 36-year-old Senior Corrections Officer who died after presenting to the Nurse’s Station at work with symptoms of a cardiac emergency only to receive substandard medical care.

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$1.2M Settlement for Fatal Pedestrian Accident on Roosevelt Boulevard


Attorneys John M. Dodig and Jason A. Daria achieved a $1.2 million settlement for the parents of a college student who died while crossing Roosevelt Boulevard in a designated crosswalk.

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Class Action Settlement for Victims of Unlawful Strip Searches


Attorneys Alan M. Feldman, Edward S. Goldis and Andrew K. Mitnick secured a class action settlement for people who were subject to unconstitutional strip searches by the City of Chester’s Police Department in Pennsylvania. Well over 1,000 individuals qualified for compensation of either $1,000, $400 or $100 depending upon the charges they were facing.

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Sampling of Settlements Achieved Despite the Lack of Civil Trials as a Consequence of COVID-19


Some of the settlements attorneys Carol Nelson Shepherd and Patricia M. Giordano secured include:

  • $3 million for delay in diagnosis of endocarditis in 60-year-old woman leading to stroke
  • $1.9 million for delay in diagnosis of oral cancer by a dentist
  • $1.8 million for a delay in diagnosis of necrotizing enterocolitis in a newborn resulting in death
  • $1.5 million for obstetric mismanagement of preterm premature rupture of membranes resulting in the death of a newborn several hours following delivery




bethany nikitenko 

Bethany R. Nikitenko Promoted to Law Firm Partner

Bethany R. Nikitenko was named law firm partner after joining Feldman Shepherd in 2019.

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mark tanner 

Mark W. Tanner Appeared on the Iron Advocate Podcast

Mark W. Tanner shared his experiences as a trial lawyer — from young lawyer through seasoned litigator — on the Iron Advocate podcast. More than 5,000 listeners tuned in within a day of the episode going live.

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mark goodheart 

Mark B. Goodheart Joins Feldman Shepherd as Of Counsel

Mark B. Goodheart brings 15 years of litigation and other legal experience to Feldman Shepherd with a focus on helping victims of motor vehicle collisions; medical malpractice; workplace accidents; construction incidents; dog bites; and slip/trip and fall injuries; people who have suffered traumatic brain injuries; children catastrophically injured at birth; and victims of civil rights violations, employment discrimination and sexual abuse/assault.

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Attorneys Alan M. FeldmanDaniel J. Mann and Edward S. Goldis filed a class action lawsuit against furniture retail giant IKEA alleging that it conducted an ineffectual recall that left approximately 17 million defective dressers that are prone to tip over in the homes of U.S. consumers.

Attorneys Alan M. FeldmanDaniel J. Mann and Edward S. Goldis are representing two families whose toddlers died in separate incidents when dressers that did not comply with the furniture industry’s voluntary safety standard for stability tipped over on them while their parents thought they were safely sleeping in their bedrooms.

Attorneys Alan M. Feldman and Andrew K. Mitnick are representing the family of a foster parent who was brutally tortured and murdered by a 17-year-old foster child who she took into her home. The placement agency did not tell the foster parent about the child’s history of violent behavior — including that he was under investigation for murder at the time of the referral — despite the fact that Pennsylvania law and a written contract required it to do so, so she could make an informed decision about whether to take the child into her home.

Attorneys Mark. W. Tanner and Bethany R. Nikitenko are representing the family of a man who committed suicide while he allegedly was (mis)treated for mental health issues by two doctors as well as an administrator who was posing as a clinician. They recently secured a ruling by the Superior Court of Pennsylvania which suggests that the duty of mental health professionals to prevent suicide is broader than previously articulated by current case law.


Philadelphia City Councilman Allan Domb Presents Alan Feldman with Honors

Councilman Allan Domb dropped by the Feldman Shepherd office to present Alan Feldman with a citation from the City honoring and congratulating him as a recipient of the Judge Learned Hand Award.

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alan feldman 


Attorney Alan M. Feldman was a recipient of the National Board of Trial Advocacy’s President’s Award. This is the first year this distinction has been awarded.

He was also honored as a recipient of The Legal Intelligencer’s “Power Players” award.

Alan served as a panel member for a Philadelphia Bar Association program on how law firms can safely return to the office as Philadelphia emerges from the pandemic.

Alan’s article “Gas Fireplace Litigation: Protecting Children From a Dangerous Burn Hazard” was published in The Legal Intelligencer.

carol nelson shepherd 


Attorney Carol Nelson Shepherd spoke on Emergency Medicine Medical Malpractice Issues at the Pennsylvania Association for Justice (PAJ) 2021 Medical Malpractice Seminar.




ezra wohlgelernter 


Attorney Ezra Wohlgelernter was the course planner for the Philadelphia Bar Association’s “Bad Faith Litigation in Pennsylvania” continuing legal education seminar. 

Ezra also served as a course planner and panelist for PBA’s “Litigation of Medical Negligence Cases in the COVID Era” seminar. 


mark tanner 


Attorney Mark W. Tanner served as a panelist at the Philadelphia Bar Association’s “Bad Faith Litigation in Pennsylvania” continuing legal education seminar.





roberta pichini 


Attorney Roberta D. Pichini served as a panelist at the Eastern Pennsylvania Chapter of The American Board of Trial Advocates “How to Succeed: Career Lessons from Veteran Female Trial Lawyers As We Face the Consequences of the Covid Pandemic” continuing legal education seminar.


daniel mann 


Attorney Daniel J. Mann was featured in a report by 6 ABC Action News in Philadelphia about a new rule by the Consumer Product Safety Commission that bans certain potentially hazardous infant sleep products.

Dan co-authored the article “Gas Fireplace Litigation: Protecting Children From a Dangerous Burn Hazard” for The Legal Intelligencer.

edward goldis 


Attorney Edward S. Goldis presented on “Cross Examination of a Biomechanical Engineer” at the New Jersey Association for Justice’s Winter Seminar. 

Ed co-authored the article “Gas Fireplace Litigation: Protecting Children From a Dangerous Burn Hazard” for The Legal Intelligencer.

jason daria 


Attorney Jason A. Daria was elected Secretary of the Philadelphia Trial Lawyers Association.



patricia giordano 


Attorney Patricia M. Giordano was elected 1st Vice President of the New Jersey Association for Justice.

Patricia authored the article “How to Maximize the Value of Med Mal Cases (and Pierce Charitable Immunity) for the New Jersey Law Journal and “Three Tips for Being an Ally to a Marginalized Attorney” for In Brief, a publication of the New Jersey Association for Justice.

She co-chaired the New Jersey Association for Justice’s Boardwalk Seminar 2021.


bethany nikitenko 


Attorney Bethany R. Nikitenko was appointed to the Board of Governors of the Philadelphia Bar Association.

Bethany authored the articles “7 Reasons Not to Fear Virtual Depositions in Medical Malpractice Cases” for The Legal Intelligencer and “Responding to Forum Non Conveniens Motions in the Time of COVID-19” for Verdict, a publication of the Philadelphia Trial Lawyers Association.

Along with JP Faunes, Bethany presented a CLE for the Philadelphia Bar Association Bench Bar Conference titled, “Don’t Panic: Effective Civil Trial Techniques.”

Bethany was a panelist on the Temple Law Alumni Association’s program “I Wish I Knew Then, What I Know Now.”

JP Faunes 


Attorney James P. (JP) Faunes was selected by AL DÍA News Media as a 2021 “40 Under 40” Honoree.

JP was a panelist for the Philadelphia Bar Association’s “Litigation of Medical Negligence Cases in the COVID Era” seminar.

He also presented a CLE titled, “Don’t Panic: Effective Civil Trial Techniques,” for the Philadelphia Bar Association Bench Bar Conference with Bethany Nikitenko.

JP was elected President of the Hispanic Bar Association of Pennsylvania.

He was also selected to serve on the Board of Directors for Community Legal Services of Philadelphia.

feldman shepherd best lawyers super lawyers 


17 Feldman Shepherd attorneys named as 2021 Super Lawyers — the largest number of Super Lawyer honorees in the firm’s history.

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11 Feldman Shepherd  attorneys named to 2022 Best Lawyers® List

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boppy infant death litigation

3.3 Million Boppy Baby Loungers Recalled After 8 Babies Die

Following a spate of heartbreaking infant fatalities over a five-year period, The Boppy Company has finally recalled one of its most popular baby products that unbeknownst to many new parents was putting their infants at serious risk for asphyxiation. On September 23, 2021, The Boppy Company…

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magnet injury recall

Zen Magnets, Neoballs Magnets Recalled Due to the Risk of Ingestion by Kids

In the culmination of a nearly decade-long battle that pitted the U.S. government agency charged with product safety against a manufacturer of dangerous magnetic balls made from rare-earth magnets, the Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) has taken the rare step of forcing a mandatory recall…

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pedestrian accident injury

How Dangerous Road Design Impacts Philadelphia’s Most Vulnerable Residents Who Live Near Roosevelt Boulevard

While most Philadelphians denounce Roosevelt Boulevard as a confusing, chaotic stretch of road that is lying in wait for crashes, the people most affected by the Boulevard’s poor roadway design are seldom talked about…

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peleton injury recall

Peloton Finally ‘Taps Into Motivation’ to Protect Children From Dangerous Thread+ Treadmills

After initially refusing to recall its Tread+ treadmills when they were linked to one child’s death and multiple reports of injuries, Peloton has had a mea culpa and is finally taking steps…

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